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“My children enjoy going to St Claire's. They are very comfortable with the idea of going there after school.”

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What’s so great about working at St Claire’s?

When we asked our team what was good about working at St Claire’s, they responded with ‘the atmostphere’, they said we feel like a friendly family and that there’s great support.

Since then, we’ve done even more to make working with us something worth considering.

We offer an excellent training programme completely free and funded by ourselves:

And if you’d still like to study further…

We don’t just train you. We want you to be able to bring your ideas and enthusiasm to St Claire’s and as such have regular whole team meetings to discuss where we are going and what we should be doing. We have plenty of opportunity for people to progress to Senior Management, to contribute to and lead training, meetings, policy and practice.

And it’s not just us who think so- we’ve won Playworker of the year four times and are finalists in the National Nursery Recognition Awards for Innovation in Childcare-

Why? They said “The innovation aspect that the judges saw was related to activities. Having dedicated more time developing activities and also bringing other providers and professionals to present new challenges and opportunities to kids was what was considered the most innovative.”

What is it we’ve actually done? A few years ago we decided to scrap our advertising budget and use it on external activity providers for the children- we’ve had yoga and dance in After School Club, we’ve had an incredible array of activities in Holiday Club- from archery to meeting llamas! We have team members who exclusively work on planning activities, as a result of which we’ve had fantastic activity packages and run Crest, the British Science Association’s STEM scheme.

We care about our team- we have a 24 hour help line which is completely free, confidential and offers support over the phone and in person on topics both work and non-work related.

Our Christmas bonuses- this is our chance to recognise people who ‘go above and beyond’ in their day to day practice.

And finally, we offer discounts on childcare with us. Just don’t blame us when your children want you to come to work on your day off!

We are a quality led, not for profit organisation, come and join us…


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